Name Erik Erich Date Enlisted 28th April 2013
Position Reservist Date Graduated 28th April 2013
Rank Private First Class Last Promotion 8th October 2013
Combat Unit: Infantry Reserves
Operations 5 Missions Survived 32
Missions 44 Times Wounded in Action 3
Objectives Completed 140 Times Killed in Action 10
Current Mission Streak 4 Times Missing in Action 2
Date Last Mission 20th November 2016 Combat Parachute Jumps 2
Date Last KIA/MIA 10th November 2016 Combat Helicopter Insertions 32
Date Issued Award Name Award Ribbon/Badge Additional Notes
28th April 2013 Airborne and Air Assault Commemorative Medal Awarded for being a founding member of the 53rd Air Infantry
7th September 2013 Parachutist Grade 1 Awarded for completing the Parachutist Course
6th October 2013 Army Superior Unit Citation

Awarded for 21st January 2016 - Citation in Service Record

6th October 2013 Air Assault Badge Grade 1 Awarded for completing 10 Combat Helicopter Insertions
6th October 2013 Bronze Star

Awarded for 28th January 2016 - Citation in Service Record

3rd May 2014 Air Assault Badge Grade 2 Awarded for completing 25 Combat Helicopter Insertions
3rd May 2014 Purple Heart Awarded for wounds received in combat
3rd May 2014 Prisoner Of War Medal Awarded forbeing taken captive during official missions on the24th June 2016
Date Issued Award Name Award Ribbon/Badge
Date Note
21st January 2016 - Operation Black Adder Due to the teamwork focus, dedication and communication between all soldiers who participated in this mission the objectives were accomplished with minimal 53rd Air Infantry losses and no civilian casualties. This accomplishment stands as an outstanding meritorious performance during a difficult and challenging mission carried out under extraordinary circumstances and as such I believe should be recognised with the unit award of the Army Superior Unit Citation.
28th January 2016 - Operation Black Adder During the assault on Agios Efstratios Private Erik Erich demonstrated valour above and beyond the call of duty in both assisting Squad one and in acting as part of the Platoon HQ team that screened and secured much of the town. During the initial assault down into the town Squad one became pinned by heavy fire originating in nearby buildings, Private Erik Erich realized that the situation required the squad to move to another location as the enemy height advantage was creating a firing solutation that would likely result in many Stratis Defence Force casualties. He single-handedly entered and cleared an adjacent building before calling forward Squad One. His ability to maintain his composure and project confidence was essential to maintaining order in a chaotic situation and in ensuring that Squad one was freed to secure the area before resuming his position in the Platoon HQ element's building clearing assault. For his actions I propose the award of the Bronze Star be awarded to Private Erik Erich.
6th October 2013 Promoted from Private (Pvt) to Private First Class (PFC)